PeraSil PU Aqua Hybrid – Applying on concrete surfaces

PeraSil PU Aqua Hybrid

Using a mechanical scrub, thoroughly clean the surfaces to remove dirt, debris and dust. (image 1)


Open the cracks up to at least 5mm and use PeraFlex Primer as an undercoat (image 2). Once it has dried (after 4-6 hours) fill in the cracks with the elastic thixotropic filler Peraflex PU 50 FC Sealant (image 3). The next day cover the filled in cracks with PeraSil PU Aqua Hybrid (image 4) and reinforce with a piece of Perasil Fabric (image 5). Use PeraSil Stix All-50 PU Primer as an undercoat for the remaining surfaces (image 4)

Reinforcement of high risk areas

Creating a reinforcing fillet between the slab and the parapet is essential. You can use Peraflex PU 50 FC Sealant. High risk areas need to first be sealed with Peraflex PU 50 FC Sealant and reinforced with a piece of Perasil Fabric. Apply the PeraSil Fabric while the surface is still wet and press on it so it absorbs the material. Next coat it with adequate layers of Perasil PU Aqua Hybrid until the PeraSil Fabric is completely submerged

Application of waterproofing system

Apply PeraSil PU Aqua Hybrid with a consumption of 0.6Kg/m2 on the prepared surface. Optionally, you can also reinforce it with the PeraSil Net 21 (images 9-10-11). Make sure they cover each other by 10 cm. Apply another 2 coats of Perasil PU Aqua Hybrid with a consumption of 0.5Kg/m2 per layer. You must allow for a 24-48 hour period between layers, depending on environmental conditions

Contact our Technical Department for advice on applications to any other surfaces

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