About us

Welcome to Kyriakos Peratikos Ltd!

The company Kyriakos Peratikos Ltd deals with the trade of specialized building materials and protective paints with top quality products.

We trade with internationally recognized representatives within the field of the construction industry . We are staffed with highly trained individuals, supported by specialized scientists and technicians; offering technical knowledge for the best possible application of products . We also offer free solutions to any problem you may encounter during your construction/renovation.

The goal of the company is quality customer service, offering materials of advanced technology, innovative ways of operation and technical knowledge for its materials .

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We keep pace with the requirements of the times by offering daily service and distribution of our products in all cities of Cyprus with a central warehouse in Limassol.

All that is needed on your part  is to place your order which will arrive at your doorstep within 48 hours at the latest!

Pay invoices with simple steps through RCB Bank

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You can find the prices for each product on our website. We may also offer you special discounts, depending on the amounts you buy. The final offer will be sent to you via e-mail before you make the decision to purchase the products.

You are also able to choose colours of the paints and varnishes you are ordering, which are available from our colour catalogues and online.